royal fuck

Dismiss the dependable;

ill-treated expendable

Your wants hold no bounds,

justified, on what grounds?!

Friend, such a word

can be made so absurd.

Your convenience, world gospel

once your lips hit the bottle..

There’s no worry, no care,

no thought, no prayer..

The hole of consumption again been filled..

But alas, at what cost and whose feelings were killed?

Court jester done jesting,

false chapel done blessing..

Wicked tongue, another victor

used heart left blistered..







mind over matter,

over matter of fact

ignorance is bliss, your willful tact

grievance and despair

you time-zoned

i’m mind-droned

awaken, arise, delusion, despise

decriminalize your bullshit lies

blind to my cries, deaf to my eyes

feet to the skies; will you realize?

Skyscape Dreaming

I look out and up to this beauty

Blue-red-yellow hued darkness of a skyscape

Are you looking at what I see?

Are you too wondering about me?

The kiss good-bye the sun blows through the sky..

The last embrace of the day’s dreams fading..

As I gaze, I surrender to this fascination, this infatuation..

As I lay and drift, wading through the current of heaven’s ocean,

I’m lost in now, but scarred by past and scared by future..

Each memory resonates power to cry, joy to laugh, tenderness to sigh, pain to die..

Drifting, you’re branded in mind, every trace, from body to face.

Bittersweet permanence, a sweet poisonous delicacy to swallow…

…tomorrow, though, she greets me warm and well, negative exposure to the latter closure..

..and I look again…the skyscape’s gift for the start of the morning’s drift..

Are you seeing what I see?

Are you too wondering about me?

Beauty and madness, beholder of me..

Longing, wishing, hoping, remembering..

Wish, want, need, hopelessly..

No matter the tide change or the direction drifting way…

Skyscape, all that’s left for me…

Drifting…though I’ll never be free..

fast forward

fast forward

a wish but a hindsight curse

too focused on future

a waste of now

rushing through those

pixels that complete the picture

too busy with what?

world of neglect

do we not realize 

soon we will regret?


fast forward

to the end

a race that no one wins

itself, the race, 

should be embraced

we rewind in our final time

we reflect…

but reality has already set..



Ripping, tearing,

Pounding, hemorrhaging

Convulsing, beating

Out of my chest

Glass shards

metal splinters

Grind my inside

an emotional pulp

a mental disaster

Prosthetic love

Cut through my soul

I’m inside out

This gaping hole

Ugly bliss

Pure sickness

Soundless scream

Lifeless eyes

Loveless heart

Nerveless skin

Cancerous touch

Asphyxiating air

Left limp lungs

Shrieks of pain

Pass in pulse

Body, mind, soul

Deathly rotten

A carcass core

Cut me open

Peel me back

Pressure out

Help me feel

Just can’t heal

Out of tears

Carved my eyes

Spite my life

Fucking lies






Some thoughts for the evening..

Grateful for the blessings each day and thoroughly appreciative of all that I have. The difficult and tough times in life reinforce these realizations. Embrace life, the people and family you have in it, and the ability to love. Love and appreciate all that you have because nothing lasts forever; there are no guarantees for tomorrow.

Day (175) – My Most Important Post

Re-pressing from one of my favorite WordPress blogs to follow.

Day (175) – My Most Important Post.